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Fluoride is Toxic By Ingestion, Inhalation & Contact

Major toothpaste brands often advertise the apparent benefits of fluoride in preventing tooth decay. While there is some truth to this, they don’t provide the whole story. With a little research, anyone can discover that fluoride is known to be more toxic than lead. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) typically label fluoride as “toxic by ingestion, inhalation and contact,” requiring gloves and safety glasses to handle.

At best, fluoride causes Fluorosis, which is characterised by the irremovable brown tooth stains. At worst, it causes arthritis, birth defects, cancer and damage in the brain, thyroid, kidneys, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems. Because of this, the practice of fluoridating public water supplies is now banned by Japan, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, China, Norway, and many other countries. But fluoride is still being introduced to the body through dental products.

While there is a recommended intake of fluoride that is safe for us, the border between the therapeutic and toxic doses is too narrowly divided to be risk-free. No matter what alleged benefits, it would be an irresponsible risk to introduce fluoride into the body. Our Dr. Sam’s Bio Oral Care toothpastes eliminate these risks by being completely Fluoride-free!

ORAL CARE Provides Total Protection against Harmful Bacteria

There are over 700 different bacterial strains residing in our mouths at any one time. Some of these are good, but some are harmful. The bad bacteria thrive on residual food that get stuck in our teeth, and if not removed, start releasing gases that cause bad breath.

Plaque, a sticky combination of food particles and nasty bacteria, forms between the teeth if not cleaned. Over time, the bacteria in plaque changes food starches to acids that can eat away at enamel, causing discoloration, sensitivity and pain.

The most common culprit of tooth decay is a bacterial strain that feeds on sugar and starch known as Streptococcus mutants. Other bacteria such as Porphyromonas gingivalis cause Periodontitis, a severe and progressive disease that erodes the tissue and bone that support our teeth, causing extreme pain and eventual tooth loss.

Needless to say, Dr. Sam’s Bio Oral Care toothpastes are specially formulated for thorough protection against these harmful bacteria. A proper oral hygiene regimen paired with our toothpaste formula guarantees total protection for your mouth, teeth and gum.

ORAL CARE Contains Powerful Whitening Factors to Remove Stains

Our teeth can get discoloured and stained for many reasons. Frequent consumption of tobacco and coffee can stain our teeth, but so can over-ingestion of fluoride, which is allegedly supposed to prevent tooth decay. Discoloured teeth look aged, yellowed, flecked with brown stains, and generally unhealthy.

Many people resort to professional dental whitening treatments, which can be expensive and time-consuming. The common treatment for Fluoriosis is to actually ‘slice’ off the surface layer of the affected tooth. These operations are complex procedures.

Why expend all your resources and go through all that trouble to whiten your teeth, when a good whitening, fluoride-free toothpaste and a regular oral hygiene regimen is enough of a solution?

The powerful whitening agents contained in Dr. Sam’s Bio Oral Care toothpastes mildly remove plaque and surface stains, whitening your teeth and brightening your smile!